World Contact Day promotion: 35% discount

World Contact Day promotion: 35% discount

Posted at 15-03-2023 12:00 by Gnome Wesley


In 1952, the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB) was created by ufologists. Banking on the idea that both telepathy and alien life were real and accessible, the IFSB decided that a day should be dedicated to the experiment of trying to transmit a message into space. In 1953, on March 15, the first World Contact Day was born, initiated by the IFSB.

On World Contact Day, our Gnome Wesley is always busy trying to get in contact with them in outer space. He does remain in silence when we ask him if he ever gets a message back. What do you think, did he?

From right now until Wednesday 22nd of March 2023 (12:00 CET), you'll get a a big phat 35% discount.

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